Long – term credit

hen you need to borrow more than a few hundred or you want to repay a loan over a longer period of time, long term loans can be a useful option. By choosing this option, you can be sure that you will pay a fixed amount of money each month. A monthly installment loan allows

Loans over 75 thousand euros

When we talk about loans to state employees still in business or already retired, we usually turn to public bodies, so for example the Social Security loans formerly Government Agency turn out to be the solution most sought after by the audience of beneficiaries, as they present offers at very reasonable conditions competitive, with the

Credit line, how it works

Credit line or credit line? Here is the credit product offered by Bankil, a leading international European financial group for online and telephone credit for over 30 years. After starting its activity in 1982, Bankil has never stopped offering products of great added value to its customer base, through its widespread presence in Belgium (1986),

Mortgages and home loans 2016

The number one reason why Italians ask for loans has to do with home renovation. This is what is revealed by the latest edition which at the end of May 2016, explains how in the first 4 months of the year the loans disbursed to replace your home amount to 34% of the requests while

Mortgage 100 percent, how it works and who can use it

The dream of buying a home is still one of the most widespread among Italian families, but this is not always possible to achieve, especially due to the high costs: different credit institutions offer solutions such as 100 percent mortgages that cover all financial charges related to the purchase of a property. Benefiting from such

Cleopor loans

The Cleopor proposals for loans are diversified, as proof of any need, obtaining the amount requested within a day. There are three types: personal loans, finalized loans, salary-backed loans. Let’s look at the details, starting with ‘personal loans’ and always keeping an eye on the toll-free number 800 77 44 33 or browsing the website.

What does it mean to bind a loan

The alternative that we are reviewing today is to bind some of our goods, let’s see what it is While the term is infrequent Penor is but let pledge one or more of our goods as a form of additional guarantee of payment, usually before a lender. It is a formula used in banking to