The Cleopor proposals for loans are diversified, as proof of any need, obtaining the amount requested within a day. There are three types: personal loans, finalized loans, salary-backed loans. Let’s look at the details, starting with ‘personal loans’ and always keeping an eye on the toll-free number 800 77 44 33 or browsing the website. It should also be noted that the institute offers a wide range of optional insurance coverage, to be included or not in the loan: a guarantee for any risks or inconveniences.

Single loans

Single loans

These formulas are aimed at all Italian or foreign citizens aged between 18 and 70 living in Italy. For foreigners residence in our country has been requested for at least 1 year and the residence permit must be valid. The documents to be presented are: valid identity document, fiscal code-health card, the last income document, or payroll for employees, single model for self-employed workers, pension slip for pensioners (in this case the INPS payment receipts also apply). The installment is fixed. The amount that can be requested is up to 30 thousand euros (with some exceptions).

It differs in several variants. Easy Classic: basic version, it does not include flexibility or modification options; the installment remains constant for the entire repayment period. Easy Change: allows you to add the “installment change” option, reducing it without additional costs up to 5 times during the repayment, which then lasts longer. Easy Jump: with the “jump installment” option you can skip it up to 5 times during the repayment, postponing payment at the end of the term. Easy Flex: here you can add both the options seen a little while ago, namely “installment jump” and “installment exchange”.

Flexible and total

Flexible and total

Total Flex personal loan makes flexibility its strength, meanwhile, there are so many possible combinations between installments and duration and then: you can decide, when and if to decrease the amount of the same installment, thus extending the repayment plan, or skip one installment a year (up to 5 times) and postpone payment at the end of the term. And if the extinction is anticipated, the operation is free.

And then there’s the Cifra Tonda

This is the name of this personal loan, that is, you choose the monthly installment of the loan, which remains constant and has an all-inclusive amount, starting from 99 euros. The amount to ask here is up to 20 thousand euros

“Grouping” thoughts

That is to say: organize more financing in progress and have liquidity for new projects. It is the Unica personal loan that allows you to manage everything in a single monthly installment, with which to pay the various commitments.

Lightness and small installments

Here is the personal loan, characterized by an initial minirata for 12 months. Meaning? It allows you to obtain, for the entire first year of repayment, a small installment, of a lower amount and lighter than the subsequent ones. From the second year each one decides the amount of the installment to be paid, among the different alternatives available. In this case the amount that can be requested is a maximum of 25 thousand euros.

What if we talked about Finalized Loan?

What if we talked about Finalized Loan?

Cleopor also proposes this form of loan, designed to facilitate some purchases thanks to a vast network of business partners in numerous sectors: cars, motorcycles and mopeds, consumer electronics and mobile phones, furniture and furnishings, travel, medical care, insurance policies.

The sale of the Fifth

To remember then the solutions related to the transfer of the Fifth, in which the monthly installment does not exceed the fifth (20%) of the salary or pension, with the possibility to repay up to 10 years, in convenient installments directly in payroll or on the pay slip of the pension, with zero intermediation costs.

For retired INPS, formerly INPDAD, former ENPALS, up to over 75 thousand euros can be requested, even if you are 85 years old at the end of the loan, and therefore up to 75 years. It also counts the amount of the pension which must be higher than € 501.89 net of the transferable quota.

For public, state and private employees, the age of 18 to 63 is important, as is the type of contract, which must be for an indefinite period. The amount that can be requested can reach 75 thousand euros.