The credit pool is for people who can not afford to repay their loans. Showing itself as much by a bank overdraft as the impossibility of paying the monthly payments, over-indebtedness affects more and more people. To solve this problem, financial organizations offer different recovery plans also called credit redemptions.

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  • 2 Consolidation of loans, a solution to over-indebtedness?
  • 3 Credit redemption is the solution that can help you reduce your budget.

These recovery plans consist of restructuring all loans (car, real estate, tax …) of a person over-indebted in a single credit, subject to a single rate. This results in a revision of the amortization period of the credit as well as the reduction of the monthly payments that this person must pay. Thanks to the funding obtained, it will even be possible to save or carry out a project, in addition to improving the monthly budget.

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In the case of over-indebtedness, you can go to a specialized firm. If you negotiate your mortgage purchase successfully, it will be the dawn of a new financial start. The best financial experts will be in charge of supporting you in your steps and will analyze your situation. This service is available on many specialized websites.

You can find a form to fill out to request free expertise. This expertise will be handled by brokers specialized in the repurchase of credit and does not engage you in anything. After reviewing your situation, these agents will negotiate the best rates with partner financial institutions. They will send you these quotes within 48 hours of the request for expertise.

Consolidation of loans, a solution to over-indebtedness?

In order to finance various purchases of everyday life, you have used a credit: whether to buy a car, buy furniture or a house. As a result, you have taken out several credits and your monthly payments are important.

Credit redemption is the solution that can help you reduce your budget.

The payday loan consolidation via PaydayLoanHelpers makes it possible to group all its payday loans in a single loan at the best market rate at the time of your request. Your financial partner will make you a loan offer for all your total due. It will refund your various credits directly to the various funders. All the more, thanks to the regrouping of your credits, you will have only one credit than a single monthly payment, a single interlocutor and that without changing banks.

To make a credit redemption request and receive the best offers, use our online and no obligation credit redemption comparator. Whatever your loan redemption request (tenant, landlord, civil servant, etc.) we have the solution.